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File Stream Document Management Software – Advanced Uses

Our standard File Stream Document Management system comes with many useful tools. If you have not already read about them, please see File Stream Document Management Standard Features.

We have a range of additional modules which serve to further enhance the standard functionality of our document management software. They are detailed below with a short description.

File Stream Workflow Module

This additional module enables processes to be set up to route and track documents sent to specific users in a predefined order. Each user can then perform tasks on these documents before moving them on to the next person in the workflow. The workflow manager will be made aware of any task not performed within the allotted time . The module includes the tool to design and maintain the workflows. There is no limit to the number of workflows allowed.

File Stream Web Module

This additional module enables users to access File Stream Document Management via a standard web browser. It is particularly useful where you have remote users who are not on the same network as your File Stream installation. It also means that you do not have to install / maintain client software on Users' PCs. The majority of File Stream tools are available over the web including SCAN, INDEX, SEARCH, Annotations and Workflow.

File Stream Searchable CD

Documents in File Stream, including any associated notes and attachments, can be downloaded to a password protected searchable CD (or other storage device or drive), allowing third parties without a File Stream Document Management System to search for, view and print them.

File Stream Advanced OCR Module

Allows users to create greatly enhanced and unlimited Document Recognition Profiles and OCR Profiles which will enable documents of different styles to be automatically recognised and automatically filed by multiple index values into one cabinet. The OCR tools improve the OCR capture results considerably. Any required corrections can be easily made using the built-in Correction Tool. Popular use of this module is the filing of supplier invoices:

File Stream Individual Advanced OCR Profiles

Individual profiles can be purchased which will be created by us In-house. Often more cost effective if only a small number of profiles is required.

File Stream Barcode Module

Allows Barcodes to be read and documents to be automatically filed by the content.

File Stream Email Notification Module

This additional module sends all File Stream system messages as email notifications to users when they are not logged into File Stream Document Management. They will always know if new documents have been sent to them, new workflow tasks, diary reminder notifications etc.

File Stream Server OCR Module

This additional module runs as a Windows Service and makes it possible for users to select a number of documents in their in-tray or in a cabinet and set them to be OCR’d unattended and at a later time. The OCR Task will run at specified times, pick up these documents, and OCR them on the server. A major advantage is that local PC resources are not being used up. Another advantage is that the purchase of a single server OCR license can be more cost effective than licensing several local machines for OCR.

File Stream Generic CSV Import Module

This additional module runs as a Windows Service and enables document images and metadata (typically indexing information) in CSV (Comma Separated Value) format to be imported and indexed into File Stream Document Management. Document images and information in CSV format can be exported from other systems and imported into File Stream. Multiple import tasks can be created and configured to enable the import of different types of documents into various File Stream cabinets. It includes a scheduling tool to enable these tasks to be carried out at predefined scheduled times and can run unattended (i.e. when no one is logged into the server).

File Stream Backup Scheduling Module

This additional module runs as a Windows Service and performs unattended scheduled Document Management backups on the SQL database files. It includes a scheduling tool to enable these tasks to be carried out at predefined scheduled times and can run unattended (i.e. when no one is logged into the server).

File Stream Customised CSV / XML Import Module

Filestream Ltd can write customised import modules for specialist import tasks which cannot be handled by the Generic CSV Import module. The Custom Module handles CSV (Comma Separated Value) text files or XML (eXtensible Markup Language) files to be imported into File Stream Document Management and it can also create document images from the data at the same time. The price includes profile coding for three document styles (up to two days development time).

File Stream API 

License to use the API to develop your own code to access File Stream data. Requires the File Stream application (stand-alone or network). Web API also available.

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File Stream FSView Application

Enables customers to search and view documents, filed in File Stream, from their other external systems.

File Stream RBAC (Role Based Access Control) Module

Increasingly, companies and organisations classify their employees by the roles they play, e.g. Director, HR,  IT, Sales, Admin. etc. These roles can also be created in File Stream enabling permissions for document access and functionality to be conveniently set and administered.

Staff leaving an organisation present little administrative difficulty as their roles can be inherited by a new employee or split to other staff.

The RBAC control can be very precise, for instance:

File Stream Email Capture Module

Email Capture module automaticly captures emails sent to specific email addresses and puts them in a specified cabinet

File Stream DocuSign Module

  DocuSign, the leading secure communication service, is now integrated with File Stream to provide end to end encrypted document security. With DocuSign, you can automate and streamline all of your business-critical workflows by obtaining signatures electronically. Save time and money while staying secure and compliant


  DocuSign the leadingDd