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Introduction To File Stream Document Management

File Stream Document Management Software has been developed by a design team with a wide range of general business as well as technical experience. This is highly beneficial as often programs reflect the input and ideas of developers rather than day to day users.

Now you can file and index ALL your records in one consistent electronic filing structure - including scanned paperwork, MS Office documents, and over 300 other file formats. The advantages in efficiency will repay the investment in months rather than years.

Unlike many other document management software systems,  File Stream users can have access to ALL standard program features unless the system administrator decides otherwise.

File Stream can be installed securely on a Local or Cloud based server

File Stream Document Management takes a very flexible approach to licensing. We offer both Fixed and Concurrent options. It also operates in terminal services and Citrix environments.

File Stream offers a variety of methods for filing documents: Manual Tagging, Regional OCR, Global OCR, and Barcode recognition. It is important to choose the appropriate method to ensure reliable retrieval at a later date. We strongly promote that one size does not fit all when it comes to electronic filing. We work closely with customers to put best document management practices in place.

For a fuller description of File Stream Document Management’s standard features click here: Document Management – standard features

File Stream Document Management has many optional modules offering advanced functionality (see Document Management Advanced Uses) including a Web Module (enables users to scan, index, search for and view documents remotely over the internet or a company intranet), a workflow module and an API tool (allows integration with other software products).