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File Stream Document Management Screenshots

The following screenshots are examples that show the User Interface for a number of File Stream Document Management functions.

(Click on any of the images below to see a larger version of the screenshot.)

Document management screenshot

This is the first screen that the user sees after logging in to File Stream Document Management: the user’s inbox with a list view of documents received and awaiting action.

EDMS screenshot

This shot shows a CAD drawing.

Document management system

This shot shows the workflow design tool.

Document management software

A document showing 2 valuable features: a stamp (applied in red by the user): and a yellow “post-it” note containing a note “penned” by the user.

NB these are electronic additions to the file within File Stream Document Management’s Annotations Function, after the original paper has been scanned in, rather than physical alterations to the paper document.

Electronic filing screenshot

File Stream Document Management displaying a JPEG image.

Document management backup

Indexing an invoice into the Supplier’s Documents template: here the user has entered the Supplier name, the Document Type and Document Number. This document will subsequently be retrievable by searching for any of these criteria.

Document management archiving

This shows the files within the user’s inbox in Thumbnail view, enabling the user to see at a glance what sort of documents have been received.