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Document Management Web Demonstration

Filestream Ltd makes use of a remote access software called Team Viewer, to provide PC-to-PC demonstrations. This secure and easy to use internet-based system allows (several) users to watch what is happening on the PC monitor of the demonstrator. In this way, File Stream Document Management’s uniquely user-friendly screen interface is replicated on the screen of the observer, accompanied by a running ‘phone commentary as our demonstrator shows the software in action. Individual questions and requirements can be answered and demonstrated.

Many customers have started with a Team Viewer demonstration, followed by a site visit & consultation once they have satisfied themselves that File Stream Document Management is of interest to them.

For more information about Team Viewer, follow this link.

File Stream Document Management Web Module

The web version of File Stream Document Management has been developed to provide users with access to core functionality whilst working away from their usual office location.

Trial it yourself - We can also provide you with a connection to our web version which will allow you to try File Stream via your standard browser. Please ring us on 0118 989 3771 to arrange this.


One of our expert technical staff can visit your business to show File Stream Document Management on a laptop, and with the help of a projector if several staff wish to follow the demonstration.

We have a number of trained dealers covering several regions of the country, who can visit your business and give a similar demonstration.

Call us to arrange a visit. Contact our document management specialists.