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Including a FREE 3 user network Document Management system with each scanner

Filestream Electronic Document Management

We are a Berkshire based electronic document management company having first developed File Stream Document Management Software back in 2003.

Since then we have expanded our document management solutions to keep pace with technology and our clients requirements. Suitable for use by any size of company up or as a departmental solution in larger organisations.

Why Choose Electronic Document Management?

Firstly, it increases productivity and efficiency, reducing employee frustration and manual data processing, with near instant access to archived documents.

Next, it saves you on office space and filing cabinets, as paper documents are stored electronically, as well as reducing the need for off site storage costs.

Why Choose Filestream as your Electronic Document Management Company?

File Stream Document Management Software’s capabilities will surprise you when used to enhance and work alongside existing office procedures. Indeed many customers find it can replace current, outdated (often expensive) software therefore saving you on software, support and training costs.

filestream electronic document managementAt Filestream, we believe our company will give you a return on investment within the first year of using our electronic document management system.

More Information on our Document Management Software