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Document Management Next Steps

Filestream Ltd can arrange a demonstration of File Stream Document Management software entirely without obligation, in a number of ways.

We have listed below some options you may like to consider:

Demonstration Videos

Our two INTRODUCTION VIDEO demonstrations illustrate the different methods available in File Stream Document Management to file and search for documents. They also show how straightforward and clear the program is to use. Please view these two short videos (approx 10 mins) Document Management introduction video and Document Management System Tools to see how it works. The software does a lot more than is shown in these introduction videos. Our aim is to run through the basics. Please contact us to find out more.

In addition, we have prepared further videos showing more specific features:

We have prepared a "video help" page with tips that you might find useful if you encounter any difficulties in viewing a video. There is also a full schedule of our document management videos, and you can choose to view in Flash format (SWF files) or download them in .exe file format - useful if you want to watch them offline.

On-Line Demonstrations

Filestream Ltd makes use of the remote access software Team Viewer, to provide PC-to-PC demonstrations. This secure and easy to use internet-based system allows (several) users to watch what is happening on the PC monitor of the demonstrator. In this way, File Stream Document Management’s uniquely user-friendly screen interface is replicated on the screen of the observer, accompanied by a running ‘phone commentary as our demonstrator shows the software in action. Individual questions and requirements are discussed and demonstrated at the same time.

Many customers have started with a Team Viewer demonstration, followed by a site visit & consultation once they have satisfied themselves that File Stream Document Management is of interest to them.

To arrange a demonstration, please call our document management sales team.


One of our expert technical staff can visit your business to show File Stream Document Management and discuss how it would be set up to work in your environment.

To get more from these demonstrations, it is beneficial to have had some discussions regarding your current filing methods in advance of the meeting. In addition, some customers even send us some sample documents which can be indexed and filed in advance into the Document Management software. This results in a more tailored demonstration.

We have a number of trained Partners, covering several regions of the country, who can visit your business and give a similar demonstration.

Call us to arrange a visit. Contact us


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