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Filestream Limited has successfully established partnerships with a number of different businesses throughout the UK and abroad. If your business mission is to help your own clients to run their offices more efficiently, then File Stream Document Management software can compliment your product range and enhance the service you offer to your clients. Specialists in office equipment sales, scanning bureaus, information technology professionals, business improvement consultants - these are some of the professionals who have found that partnering with Filestream Ltd can broaden their client relationships and generate additional revenue streams.

Some Partners have the requisite in-house skills to promote, sell, install, and provide first-line product support for File Stream Document Management Software, and therefore benefit from both an upfront share of sales revenue, and sharing the annual maintenance income stream. Others prefer to focus on identifying clients who would benefit from the increased efficiency that a class-leading electronic document management software can bring, and bring in support from Filestream Ltd to assist with a detailed study and implementation plan, followed by excellent ongoing maintenance support. In such cases, our Partners earn a percentage of the sale value of the product, and of course the primary business relationship remains intact between client and Partner. Filestream Ltd does not seek to sell other products into such clients.  

For a brief overview of File Stream Document Management, please click here - document management software overview

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