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Using File Stream or OfficioDM or ScannerVision you can capture and index almost any type of document.

A typical wish of many companies is to find a way to electronically capture the most common business documents, eg; delivery notes, invoices, purchase orders…

Using File Stream Document Management in partnership with ScannerVision we can offer multiple solutions to achieve this:

Solution 1
Using ScannerVision, document content can be automatically captured. This is often a barcode/text region. ScannerVision recognises the barcode or text and names the document accordingly. The document is then placed in a folder location of your choosing. Any future document that has the same information will be automatically appended to the existing document.

Solution 2
After ScannerVision has captured the required information the document can be further indexed using OfficioDM with useful index information such as Customer Name or Invoice Number. This enables enhanced searches for documents. OfficioDM and the multi-user OfficioDM Pro and both password protected and offer full document encryption helping you to be GDPR compliant.

Solution 3
By using ScannerVision in combination with our fully featured product, File Stream, documents can be indexed directly from the scanner/multi-functional screen. Once in File Stream advantage can be taken of all the additional functionality, including; automation, workflow, full Roles Based Access Control and much more…

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