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  • Leasing and loans available

Key Features


Terms from 2 – 5 years available


Flexibility – Upgrade, make additions or settle at any point during the term


Tax advantages – Leasing is 100% tax allowable


Simple process – Finance approval secured within hours + eSign documents


Cash flow – Preserve your working capital


Total solution finance – Finance the equipment and all delivered services


Existing credit lines remain unaffected


Various funding solutions – Finance lease, hire purchase and loans available

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Once you have submitted your details Bluestar may need to contact you to discuss your enquiry further. In some cases additional information may be required in order for Bluestar to provide an accurate quotation. Credit decisions are typically received within a few working hours and once the finance has been arranged Bluestar will forward the finance documents ready for you to sign electronically

You can contact Bluestar direct during the application process on 01420 481500.

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