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OfficioDM Pro Secure Areas

OfficioDM Pro: 5 secure areas (databases)

With OfficioDM Pro you can create additional databases. Documents can be placed in up to 5 secure areas (databases) each with up to 10 cabinets, where access is only granted to authorised users. This means that documents such as HR or Financial can be kept securely from non-authorised users.


OfficioDM Pro: Cabinets

Cabinets in OfficioDM Pro are where you index documents to. Once indexed they are searchable to users within the system (providing they have access to the correct database). You can have up to 10 cabinets per database (5 databases per system) and 8 index fields per cabinet.

Think of an OfficioDM Pro Cabinet as an electronic version of the large bulky filing cabinets you may have in your office. Each cabinet will be set up with index fields and you file your documents using index values. If you take the example of a HR cabinet, there is likly to be at least two index fields; Employee Name and Document Type.

As you index your HR documents you enter the index values into the fields. This makes it incredibly simple to search for the documents at a later time.

Please click here and see the Cabinets section of our OfficioDM Pro FAQs for further information.


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