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OfficioDM Pro Mobile App (iOS/Android/Windows)

OfficioDM Pro: Free Mobile App (iOS/Android/Windows)

Easy access to documents is a necessity to the success of any business. This was very much in our focus as Filestream developed its OfficioDM Pro product. The result; Mobile Apps are available for iOS, Android and Windows devices. Our Apps are free of charge and offer full functionality with the exception of the SCAN feature.

If your choice is to opt for a CLOUD solution, then the Mobile Apps will form part of it. If it suits your business better to install our Window’s ON PREMISE networked product, then to make use of our Mobile Apps an IIS (Internet Information Services) server and an external facing IP address will be required. Internet connection will be needed, either through Wi-Fi or mobile data plan.

For a complete set of screen shots, across multiple devices, please click here.


NOTE: Our OfficioDM Pro Mobile Apps must only be downloaded when the main application is purchased and installed. They will NOT work on their own.

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