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OfficioDM FREE Entry Level Solution

OfficioDM is our FREE entry-level product designed for businesses and individuals who wish to explore the benefits of a Document Management System, but do not have the funds or requirements to invest in a large and complex Document Management Product.

The OfficioDM system is:

  • Suitable for small businesses or individual use
  • Designed for use on a single PC using the Windows operating system
  • Documents are fully encrypted, as required by GDPR
  • Designed to take up to 5 cabinets with up to 4 index fields in each
  • Able to store a maximum of 10,000 documents made up of all file types
  • Simple and straight forward to work with
  • Easily upgraded to our multi-user system OfficioDM Pro/Cloud or to our fully featured solution File Stream
  • Completely FREE!
OfficioDM from Filestream is the perfect choice for growing businesses looking to explore the benefits of secure, electronic document management.

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