Standard Program Features

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Program Features


  • Total Documents in an In-Tray
  • Total of Un-Read Documents
  • Access to IMPORT function
  • Access to LIST and IMAGE View
  • Access to the INDEX Panel
  • Access to The SEARCH Panel
  • Delete Documents
  • Access to ‘Save’ (save out)
  • Access to Document Info
  • Access to HOME screen


  • IMPORT Electronic Files to In-Tray or a Cabinet
  • IMPORT Multiple documents


  • SEARCH a selected Cabinet in a database
  • Multiple FIELD Search
  • REFINE Field SEARCH options
  • TEXT: (Contains, Equals, Starts With, Ends With, Is Not Equal To, Is BLANK)
  • LIST: (Contains, Equals, Starts With, Ends With, Is Not Equal To, Is BLANK)
  • DATE: (Equals, Not Equal To, Before, After, Between, Is Blank and quick Access to Dates which would be Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday.
  • NUMBER: (Equals, Not Equal To, Less Than, More Than, Between, Is BLANK
  • CURRENCY: (Equals, Not Equal To, Less Than, More Than, Between, Is BLANK
  • SEARCH for Documents with no Field Index Values
  • Option to Automatically Open Search Results
  • SEARCH for Documents by the system entered Date (before, after or between a range).
  • CLEAR Options to empty ALL fields or an Individual Field


  • SCAN to In-Tray or Cabinet.
  • Documents scanned as PDFs
  • Select Device
  • Input File Name
  • Incremental numbering
  • Flat Bed Option
  • Single or Multi-page documents Option
  • A Scan More to add pages to an existing scanned Document
  • Option to Delete Files after Importing
  • Split Image View to check scans
  • Zoom In and Zoom Out options in Image View
  • DELETE Document Option


  • CABINETS visible on the HOME screen
  • Number of documents contained shown on HOME screen CABINET Tile
  • Access the IMPORT function
  • Cabinet Documents viewed in LIST and IMAGE View
  • The INDEX Panel is accessible
  • The SEARCH Panel is accessible
  • Delete Option
  • Use ‘SAVE’ Option to save out
  • Access to Document Info
  • Up to 4 Index Fields per cabinet
  • Up to 5 Cabinets
  • Choice of Field Type (Text, List, Number, Currency and Date)


  • Multiple Index
  • Re-Index
  • Clear Field Value
  • Choice per cabinet to INDEX; Now, Later or ask me when docs imported


  • Home Screen Tile displays number of Deleted docs.
  • Documents deleted from an In-Tray or cabinet go into this bucket
  • Restore Option to In-Tray or Cabinet
  • Cabinet Documents restored Index Field values
  • Restored to In-tray If Cabinet deleted
  • DESTROY deleted documents


  • ABOUT – Details program version
  • LICENSE – License information
  • LANGUAGE – Options (English UK. English US., French, German and Spanish)
  • CABINETS – Access for Cabinet settings (create, edit and delete)
  • SUPPORT – Links to FAQ’s and options to purchase additional support
  • CANCEL Option


  • Forgot Password Option
  • Document Notes (256 characters)
  • Change File Name
  • Change INDEX Field order
  • Change Field Type
  • Rotate Documents
  • Drag and Drop Documents to In-Tray or Cabinet
  • Install Updates


OfficioDM Document Management

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