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OfficioDM Home and Business Use

OfficioDM: Home as well as business use

OfficioDM is ideal for use as a utility program to store banking, housing, school or any other important documentation or information and to keep this secure from other users of the family computer. The documents are fully encrypted and password protected and can therefore not be accessed by non-authorised persons.

Store all these documents in one location. Eliminating the need to have multiple copies in Windows Explorer folders or physical copies taking up space in the home. Find your documents quickly and effortlessly using index and date searches.

OfficioDM is completely FREE and offers clear upgrade paths to our multi user system, OfficioDM Pro and fully featured solution, File Stream.

For some ideas on what sort of cabinets you can use in OfficioDM, please click here.

To download OfficioDM Single User, please click here.


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