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A vital part of a document management system is the scanning capability. Choosing the most suitable scanners requires careful consideration. The right choice will pay dividends in dealing comfortably with both the volume and variety of documents.

In the following pages you will find:

  • Some guidance notes on scanning issues and how to go about choosing scanners to suit your document management software scanning needs – choosing document management scanners.
  • Notes on caring for DMS software scanners – issues such as cleaning consumables, replacement rollers, etc
  • Profiles of scanners that are particularly suitable for use with Filestream Document Management software. File Stream is designed to work with a very wide variety of scanners in addition to the Panasonic and Kodak scanners described in the following pages.

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Panasonic scanners


Our software works with a variety of scanner manufacturers. For more information or guidance in the area please contact us.

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