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If you would like to work from home or away from the office

Filestream Document Management is the answer.

Home working can be as efficient as working in an office but without the travel costs and time waste associated with travel. If you would like to work from home Filestream can provide access to all your documentation securely and make your home equivalent to your office.

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Any Document Management system needs to be powerful and intuitive and flexible enough to meet your expanding business needs. See how File Stream can help you work from home or a remotely:

  • File Stream can be accessed over the Internet
  • Documents are readily available via a VPN, a web interface* or Cloud server
  • All office documents are indexed and easily searched for
  • Any document imported or created can be easily indexed and when required, searched for and found in seconds. Greatly increasing the productivity of remote workers
  • Document types include Microsoft Office Docs, emails, PDF and image files such JPG or PNG
  • A home or remote worker may not have all the applications available on their PC to view documents such as PowerPoint or AutoCad. File Stream has an in-built viewer that can view over 300 file types
  • Documents are secure
  • All documents are encrypted and password protected
  • Using RBAC (Role Based Access Control) you can ensure that only authorised users have access to documents and the actions they perform on them are strictly controlled
  • Full version control for every document. Any changes made against a document creates a new revision. You can set permissions for which user can and cant see these revisions with RBAC
  • Additional document processing features
  • Electronic signature. A remote user may require a secure electronic signature service for contracts, authorisation etc. Optional electronic signature solutions can be supplied with File Stream including DocuSign
  • Messaging. Documents and or messages can be sent between File Stream users. This is especially important for remote workers and removes the requirement to use another system
  • Contact Manager. In the absence of any other system, all contacts can be entered into File Stream’s built-in contact manage. Ensuring no contacts are lost
  • Workflow. Manage tasks such as invoice approval. Particularly important when users are far apart
  • Diary. File Stream has a built-in diary system so that business life and actions on documents can be co-oridinated
  • Alerts. Users can be alerted to events such as new/overdue workflow items and diary commitments
  • Expansion
  • File Stream can be expanded from 10 users to over a thousand
  • Flexible payment options including purchase, lease or rental
  • Hardware such as MFPs, scanners and printers can be bundled with the software

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*IIS (Internet Information Server) and outwards facing IP address required.

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