Which Filestream product is the right one for your business?

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When deciding which Electronic Document Management System to invest in, most companies make the decision by weighing up the following criteria:

  • Safeguarding information
  • Scalability
  • Cost
  • Functionality

All Filestream products are encrypted and password protected so keeping documents secure is definitely covered no matter which product you decide on.

Scalability is also not a problem as upgrade paths are available for all systems. However if you are looking for more than 15 users then File Stream, our Flagship program, would be the product needed.

For a company looking for fewer than 15 users then the decision comes down to what you are looking for in terms of functionality and of course the budget you have available.

Our FREE product OfficioDM is suitable for a single person start-up company and gives access to many of the benefits of document management without any outlay. As your business grows, it is easily upgraded to our networked multi-user version OfficioDM Pro.

Very often visitors to our site download the free version as a trial to get a feel for the software before making the decision to invest.

OfficioDM Pro represents excellent value for money and works well as a secure archive of all your information, including a link to import from Outlook. With 5 separate databases it is also possible to limit access to those databases to selected users. The availability of free apps for all mobile devices allowing access to your information wherever you are  is a bonus for the financial outlay. It is suitable for up to 15 users and can be upgraded in bundles of 3.

So why go to the extra expense of purchasing File Stream?

File Stream is so much more than just a filing system. To be more accurate, we should describe it as a document management and processing system.  It can be set up to facilitate your current working practices and be customised if necessary to integrate with your existing systems.

Access to information can be restricted right down to document level.

A full audit trail recording who does what and when, plus full version control when documents are edited and changed are all standard features.

File Stream’s Workflow module allows unlimited department workflows to be set up. Popular uses include Invoice approval, dealing with customer complaints or setting up new internal processes which involve sign off or amendment by several employees. Time limited tasks are set up to automatically route documents between chosen users.

The above represents just a small insight of what it is capable of, follow this link to find much more about what it offers….

File Stream would position itself at the centre of your business as a very powerful tool and would soon become invaluable

Whichever product you decide is best for you will impact your productivity levels and profitability very quickly. Any financial outlay will be returned in a very short period of time.

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