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OfficioDM is ideal for use on a PC to ensure files are encrypted, backed up and secure as well as being indexed for organised and quick searching. OfficioDM is FREE to download and users can send secure, encrypted files by e mail or by any way over the internet that are fully password protected. OfficioDM is upgradeable to the network version Officio DM Pro.

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OfficioDM Pro is a network version of OfficioDM with between 3 and 15 users. It has an expanded capacity of 1.5 million documents and a FREE mobile app for Apple, Android and Windows Devices. OfficioDM Pro is upgradeable to the enterprise product File Stream.

File Stream is our flagship product and has a virtually limitless capacity for documents and number of users. Automation for processing greater numbers of documents together with features such as Workflow, Advanced OCR, Document Retention etc make the difference.

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OfficioDM ProductCost
OfficioDM Single UserFREE - Download
OfficioDM Pro (3 to 15 users with mobile app)From £200 or £25 if purchased with a Fujitsu scanner
File Stream ProductPurchase Price (£) *Monthly Rental Price (including support)
File Stream 5 user system2,500.00125.00
File Stream 10 user system5,000.00250.00
Additional 50 user pack5,000.00300.00

* Purchase price does not include installation, training or support. A typical 10 user system is installed and fully trained in one day at a cost of £750.00 and the support per year being £1,250.00.

Additional Cloud Server Costs ** 
Cloud ServicesMonthly charge (£)
Multi-Tenant Cloud Server with 50GB50.00
Single Tenant Cloud Server with 200GB240.00
Additional 50GB10.00

** Cloud server costs include server support, backup and antivirus.

All prices quoted are excluding VAT