The Problems with Working from Home

Take this opportunity to make working from home a superior experience and more productive than working from the office


While many of us are forced to work from home, Filestream’s Document Management systems are able to turn an apparent problem into a lasting benefit. The legacy of the current crisis will be for companies and organisations to have established remote working systems that will be of lasting value.

With an internet connection, colleagues can be brought together in a secure environment where any file can be created, indexed and accessed in seconds.

Problems encountered when starting working from home are numerous:


• Getting the right IT Infrastructure in place can be time consuming and expensive
• Security issues to overcome
• It is likely that you will need access to several different software programs to work effectively.
• Not being able to access information quickly can have a negative impact on productivity
• Working as a team

A virtual filing system on premise or in the “cloud” would resolve many of these problems:

  • IT greatly simplified or removed
  • Documents are encrypted for security
  • Information can be shared as easily or more easily than on the office network
  • Work any hours you like, documentation will always be up to date
  • Productivity is higher as there are less distractions and working hours can be flexible
  • Management of the system is easy, documents are only available for those with access authorised
  • Working with a Document Management system is not an isolating experience, the whole team is online and working with you and using the Document Management system to communicate
  • Documents are indexed for easy and quick searching
  • All that’s needed is an internet connection


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