Deciding Which of Our Systems is Best for Your Business

17th May 2018

» Blog » Deciding Which of Our Systems is Best for Your Business

If you have already had a browse through our website, you will see that we offer a range of products which are summarised below.

File Stream

File Stream is our flagship product which is fully featured. You will never run out of user or document capacity.  Modules are available that can handle and automate most of your document processing requirements. If you need something specific then our in-house developers will arrange a customisation for you.

OfficioDM Pro

This is our multi-user product for companies where budgetary requirements are a major issue but where Electronic Document Management is really becoming a must at the same time. OfficioDM Pro covers both bases. It is very affordable, secure and allows an administrator to specify which users have access to documents.


OfficioDM is our downloadable FOC product for single users.  It is well engineered and all documents within it are encrypted and password protected. Making life much more difficult for would be hackers.

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