How can Filestream enhance your PC?

7th May 2019

» Blog » How can Filestream enhance your PC?


If you would like to gain more from your PC, consider Electronic Document Management. Installing OfficioDM / OfficioDM Pro would instantly enhance your PC or PC network.

You will immediately benefit from a higher level of security against hackers as documents in both programs are fully encrypted.

Retrieval is near instantaneous when you search using the values given to documents as they were filed.

Compare these advantages to the traditional method of storing your documents in physical filing cabinets which take up valuable space, plus a lot more precious time and effort to find again. Remember too their vulnerability to loss, by natural disaster such as fire or flood, should never be underestimated.

You may already store documents on your PC in Windows Explorer folders. They are unsecure and often difficult to sort and find. No match for the benefits OfficioDM and OfficioDM Pro offer.

OfficioDM and OfficioDM Pro are ideal for home and business use. Customisable cabinets and index fields allow you to set up individual cabinets to suit your specific needs.


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