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17th November 2020

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When working from home or a remote smaller office there is a better way to manage paper documents and workflows in a covid environment – File Stream Document Management

Here we outline 7 ways File Stream can help.

1. Eliminate the physical passing of paperwork from one worker to another.

  • Achieved by scanning paperwork to digitise it, making these documents the same for management purposes as any other computer file.

2. Communicate as effectively remotely as if in a shared office.

  • Documents can be found in seconds from the digital archive via the internet. Communication is enhanced by comprehensive messaging and workflow functionality.

3. Share information.

  • Individuals or groups of people can share any documents they have the authority to.

4. Secure information.

  • All documentation in File Stream is encrypted and subject to full Roles Based Access Control (RBAC). RBAC determines for each user what documents they have access to and what functions can be performed on those documents.

5. Automate the processing of information.

  • This is achieved by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and barcode reading to automatically recognise documents and index them by selected content. Workflows can be used to automatically pass documents in an orderly manner to achieve an action such as the authorisation of invoices, without the need of physical movement of the documents /personnel or unnecessary keyboard actions.

6. Cut down the duplication of documents on a network.

  • As a rule, only one copy of a document is all that is required and access rights to that document given to all that require it. All versions of an evolving document are kept with rights as to who can see the earlier versions or just the latest version.

7. Facilitate the signing of documents.

  • File Stream has incorporated SignNow an electronic signatures facility that allows you to generate documents, negotiate contracts, accept payments, and create automated workflows.

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