Interested in How We Handle Support Calls?

3rd September 2018

» Blog » Interested in How We Handle Support Calls?

In any business, gaining a new customer is always welcomed. Filestream is certainly no exception.

The aftersales service and on-going support offered to the new company, from the point of order, is what will determine if a long-term relationship thrives.

How do Filestream achieve this through their support contracts?

  • Our in-house support team answer all your calls. You get to know them and quickly feel comfortable that they understand how you use the system
  • If you prefer, complete our on-line form to submit your query
  • We use TeamViewer which allows secure remote access to customer’s systems, making sure issues are clearly understood and dealt with speedily
  • The support team will happily use TeamViewer to help a new staff member to get started using File Stream.
  • Similarly, to train an existing user in functionality they are not familiar with.
  • All customer support calls are logged and progress recorded.
  • The service manager checks that all calls have been resolved satisfactorily before confirming final closure.
  • The support Team use a customised cabinet in our own File Stream system to store and manage the information.
  • At any time, we can supply a customer with details of all calls placed by their employees
  • We can let them know, if we feel an employee would benefit from additional training
  • We monitor the calls. looking out for any repeated user issues which might suggest an amendment to the interface is needed
  • Any user suggestions of new functionality they would like are all recorded for consideration

As you can see we take support issues very seriously and do everything we can to make life easy for our File Stream users.

Need more information? Speak to one of our experts.