Need to Work Securely From Home?

3rd December 2019

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Filestream Document Management is the answer

From time to time you may be forced to work from home, be it because of adverse weather, health problems or unforeseen rail strikes. Having a secure versatile Document Management System allows you to effortlessly access your important documents from home as if you were in the office.

How Homeworking with Document Management works:

  • At home or work, scanned documents join electronic ones such as Office Docs or emails and are indexed to an electronic cabinet usually situated on the office network where they can be instantly searched for and found.
  • The home worker has secure access to the office network over an Internet connection.
  • For security, documents are fully encrypted and available for viewing or processing by authorised personnel only.
  • If not connected to the office network, File Stream users can log in using a VPN connection, Cloud server or web interface*.


*IIS (Internet Information Services) server and an external facing IP address will be required

Our enterprise solution…

File Stream

  • File Stream is our fully featured, automated system and includes workflow, document retention and can have 1000+ users and an unlimited volume of documents
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