When saving documents out using the OfficioDM Pro App you will be given the option to save to Dropbox. If you select Dropbox you will be asked to sign into your Dropbox account. Enter your account details and sign in. If you dont have a Dropbox account, there is an option to create one.

Using Dropbox from the OfficioDM Pro App for the first time will create a folder within your Dropbox account called OfficioDM (inside the Apps folder). After the OfficioDM folder there will be additional folders with the names of the OfficioDM database(s) you’ve logged into. Then there will folders for your in-tray and cabinets.

Let’s say, for example, the OfficioDM Pro database is called ‘Documentation’. You save a document from the ‘Clients’ cabinet to Dropbox. Now when you look at your Dropbox you will see the document in Apps\OfficioDM\Documentation\Clients.