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OfficioDM Pro (15 user) / Fujitsu fi-7300NX Scanner Deal

Filestream have partnered with Fujitsu to offer a fantastic deal. Lease the fi-7300NX Scanner and get a 15 user OfficioDM Pro Document Management system for £75.80 per month over 3 years!

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Alternatively you can purchase the scanner and OfficioDM Pro out right for £2250.

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OfficioDM Pro improves commercial processes, communication and security by:

  • Allowing businesses to specify up to five separate document areas to ensure documents can only be viewed by authorised personnel
  • Aiding GDPR compliance regulations
  • Providing document capacity of up to 1.25 million records and an in-built upgrade pathway to support your business as it grows and your requirements change, such as increased document numbers, users, or more functionality required.
  • Encompassing and managing all computer files, including; e-mail, MS Office documents, and scanned documents
  • Offering on-site or cloud based implementation options
  • Free mobile App (Windows / Android / iOS)*
  • Being easily upgradable to our fully featured solution File Stream


The system provides excellent value for money for businesses needing to streamline their filing systems, control access to data and improve security.

*If your choice is to opt for a CLOUD solution, then the Mobile Apps will form part of it. If it suits your business better to install our Window’s ON PREMISE networked product, then to make use of our Mobile Apps an IIS (Internet Information Services) server and an external facing IP address will be required.


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