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File Stream Integration Partner Introduction

We very much encourage industry partners to integrate File Stream Document Management with third party software using our API tool. If you are currently looking for a ready-made Document Management solution (written using .net technology whilst supporting the look and feel of Microsoft Office) to enhance the functionality of your own software or that of a client, please give us a call.

In addition to standard integration, our web service interface can be called from suitable applications to allow searching for a specific document and to download its decrypted image for viewing

File Stream Document Management already successfully integrates with:

  • signNow – a market leading electronic signing application that enables documents to be electronically signed, such as agreements and contracts, from almost anywhere.
  • ScannerVision – a solution to enhance document scanning using network MFP’s – Using the ScannerVision/File Stream connector, documents are indexed directly into File Stream cabinets from the MFP’s touch screen. This combines the scanning and filing processes, simplifying and speeding up document processing.
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Purchase Management – a solution that automates the process of requisition through to invoice matching and payment. A purchase invoice is entered onto the GP system and a barcode is produced with the relevant transaction number. Each barcode sticker is placed on the relevant purchase invoice. The invoices are then bulk scanned into the File Stream Document Management system. File Stream automatically separates the documents into individual files and indexes them to a selected cabinet. File Stream does this by reading the barcode value (GP transaction number): it then interrogates the GP Database and draws down the additional indexing information such as supplier, invoice number, purchase order number. There is a ‘View Image’ button in GP linking to File Stream which allows the invoice to be displayed, as required, by users working in GP.
  • Principle Suite – a solution that allows real-time capture of any task related quality control checks and processes. It manages compliance and drives continuous performance improvement. Principle Suite with File Stream integration provides organisations with a modular set of business applications, including an easy to use and customisable document management policy control, process compliance and a root cause analysis tool.

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