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Power In Numbers Case Study


Due to office redevelopment, the successful and expanding Surrey based Accountants, Power in Numbers, had to relocate their business. The move to smaller premises meant they had to reduce their storage of paper.

About the Client

Power in Numbers provide a comprehensive service to their clients. In addition to navigating increasing red tape to ensure that their tax and accounts are correct, Nick & his team specialise in performance measurement and improvement. This means that they utilise their skills and experience with numbers to help the client measure and improve everything that really matters to their business and families.

The Problem

Power in Numbers found the ideal office space, but the only drawback was that it came with very little storage space – not good for an expanding business, where the volume of paperwork was also expanding exponentially!

The Solution

File Stream Document Management was initially installed on the network server and three PCs. This was later expanded to six PCs, including a laptop.

This allowed the team to grow in number as the business continued to expand, without the need to move to larger premises.

Managing director Nick Robinson said ‘There is absolutely no way we could go back to paper files; it’s simply not an option. The storage of such a volume of paperwork on its own would take up space bigger than the total office we have! File Stream has been an absolute godsend, at an affordable price. I can’t understand why anyone would want a manual system anymore’.

The Benefits

  • Less office space required, by at least 50%. The annual cost saving is over £12,000 per year on rent alone.
  • Faster retrieval of information.
  • Easier communication with clients – documents can be emailed direct from within File Stream, saving vast amounts of time.
  • All documentation is held in one place – working documents, emails, backups, data files, etc.
  • Files are more secure because of passwords and encryption.
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