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EDMS Case Study -Stobart Biomass Products


New joint venture needed a system for receiving, checking, approving and retaining invoices that could be shared across several locations.

About the Client

Stobart Biomass Products Limited sources and distributes supplies of biomass fuel to the emerging UK renewable energy market. The biomass fuel sources include low-grade virgin wood, arboricultural arisings, low-grade woodchips, woody greenwaste, recycled timber and refuse derived fuels both domestically-sourced and imported. The company is a joint venture of A.W. Jenkinson Forest Products, the largest UK supplier of woodchip and bark products, and Stobart Group Limited, the UK’s leading provider of multi-modal transport and logistics.

The Problem

Supplier invoices are processed at Stobart Biomass’s head office in Penrith, Cumbria. Once invoices are received they need to be checked by various staff members at several offices throughout the UK. The finance manager wanted to manage and monitor this process using an electronic document management system, rather than just emailing or posting invoice copies to appropriate staff for approval.

The Solution

A File Stream network system was installed with Workflow Module running on a Citrix server. Paper invoices are scanned in the head office accounts department using a networked multifunction printer/scanner and filed into File Stream. The Workflow Module enables processes to be set up that route and track invoices to specific users in a predefined order. Each user performs tasks on these invoices before passing them on to the next person in the workflow. Tasks not performed within the allotted time are notified to the workflow manager.

The Benefits

  • The processing of supplier invoices is now completely under the control of the accounts department.
  • They can always identify the status of an invoice and which user has a task for it at any time. If, for example a user is off sick or on holiday the workflow manager can reassign their tasks to another authorised user, thereby not holding up the invoice processing.
  • The days of invoices sitting on a user’s desk or in an Outlook in-box awaiting processing are gone.
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