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No business can get away from filing documents. From internal documents and client information through to external paperwork and audit trails, files are everywhere we look.

Much of that paperwork is now stored digitally, removing the need for vast banks of filing cabinets and reducing the risk of mislaying documents – but bringing with it new issues like document naming conventions, risk of data breach and the ability to accidentally overwrite or delete important files.

That’s where an EDMS comes in.

What will an EDMS do for me?

Different businesses will have their own requirements and reasons for using an EDMS, but all can benefit from:

  • Greatly improved efficiency – no more time spent looking for mislabelled files, with documents searchable by far more than just file names
  • Enhanced security and control, with robust access management ensuring only those with permissions can read or edit your files
  • Peace of mind knowing that full encryption protects your files in the unlikely event hackers are able to get into your system
  • Unmatched disaster recovery, with files fully protected against theft, fire, flood, or any other unforeseen event
  • Safeguard your information against disaster while at the same time making very significant steps to achieving GDPR compliance
  • GDPR compliance – protect your data, and your business reputation, in a way traditional electronic filing systems can’t
  • Improved flexibility, with the ability to access your documents from anywhere – perfect in the days of remote working, but just as important for businesses looking to expand to new locations
  • Robust audit trail, with a full history of who has viewed or interacted with all your files – know exactly what was done to which documents, by whom, and when

…and more.

What businesses will benefit from an EDMS?

Although all businesses rely on filing, different companies will find different uses for an EDMS depending on the sort of files they typically send. Use cases include:

  • Accountants who need to securely file audits, client files, VAT receipts and other confidential documents
  • Legal professionals who need to access vast amounts of case files, often while on the move
  • Engineering and manufacturing companies who need to exchange CAD files and other large documents quickly and efficiently – often with the need for robust version control to ensure accuracy in the production or build process
  • Recruitment companies who need to quickly sort through and file thousands of applications, often made up of multiple files including CVs, qualifications, ID records, licences and more
  • Leisure companies who need to safely manage records for staff and customers across multiple locations – including, in some cases, offshore

“I would certainly recommend File Stream. Support has been first class. File Stream went above and beyond to help us and worked hard to integrate their software with our claims system.”

Operations Director, Health Partners

And what makes our system even more compelling to businesses of all shapes and sizes is the way it plays well with other software. We know that industries have their own sector-specific software designed to solve very niche problems. That’s why we’ve added in an API (Application Programming Interface) tool to speak to those applications – meaning you won’t have to make a decision between business-critical software and better filing. With Filestream products, you can have both.

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