Document Management for Construction Companies

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Filestream works with a variety of companies in the construction sector to enable them to:

  • Improve administrative efficiencies now required by Health and Safety legislation
  • Integrate and enhance organisation processes
  • Improve document security and access control
  • Improve access to information
  • Reappraise their software requirements, often saving time and money
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Document management software makes it easy to control documents, whether they are CAD Drawings, Word/Excel docs, PDF or virtually any other file type. Both incoming and outgoing correspondence relating to a project is filed in one place available for those with permissions to view and action it.

Documents relating to all aspects of the project – Financial, Structural Engineering, Architects, Surveyors, Legal, Logistical etc. are filed under one umbrella electronic document management system. This allows the Project Manager, or individuals involved, to see at a glance what has been happening.

File Stream Document Management becomes a very resourceful tool for management teams as any search can be filtered by a date range. Imagine being away for 2 weeks, coming back and by selecting a very simple search criterion being able to see everything that has happened on a particular project over the period you were absent. Alternatively, search for all “New Instructions” received during your absence.

With your company and project information more easily accessible, your organisation will:

  • Operate with greatly increased process efficiencies
  • Be able to provide your customers and suppliers with a better service
  • Your staff will work more efficiently
  • Improve document security, enabling GDPR compliance
  • You will save space and therefore money delivering rapid ROI
  • Safeguard your documents against any disaster
Using software specific to your own sector? Don’t worry, our API (Application Program Interface) tool makes it possible to link these programs to our document management software. Documents and associated information can be transferred between systems using CSV / XML format.

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