EDMS for Healthcare

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Few industries require robust filing, excellent audit trails and top security like healthcare providers. The ability to locate patient records – along with a complete history of any changes – is paramount to providing good patient care.

On top of that, full encryption is a must to ensure all those confidential records stay that way – patient data breaches are among the costly when it comes to both financial and reputational damage.

With Filestream’s range of EDMS products,
you’ll get all that and more:

  • Simple-yet-comprehensive search function allows healthcare professionals to quickly and easily locate all patient files
  • Full encryption ensures patient records cannot be viewed by anyone not authorised to read them
  • Robust access control means departments only have access to the files and records they need
  • Centralised filing system means all patient records are kept in one place, even if those documents have been filed from multiple locations – ideal if a patient is being referred to various specialists, or frequently moves GPs because of workBe GDPR compliant and safe guard your documents against disaster

Healthcare providers ranging from insurance companies through to care homes make use of Filestream’s suite of products, benefiting from its robust filing, ease of location, flexibility, access control and security. The fact our API means we can synch up with existing software makes it an even more compelling choice, seamlessly storing all your files, from all your applications, in one place.

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