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Filestream assists HR with:

  • Conveyancing, Family Law, Estate Planning or Litigation issues etc. all stored in one place
  • Enable Partners or individuals involved to be notified of updates by email
  • Reduce costs of storing documents externally and speeding up availability of access
  • Access and auditing of documents for all staff members controlled by RBAC (roles based access control)
  • Instant availability of all documents whilst in court

Legal has always had to work with and retain vast quantities of documents. In today’s heavily legislated environment this problem has only been made worse. In the past, taking large amounts of paper documents to court was normal, now an electronic copy is faster and fully GDPR compliant as risk of losing paper based documents is eradicated. Our customers already using document management have gained an added bonus of speeding up court access by not waiting for delivery of documents from off site storage facilities

Using a document management system will enable you to:

  • Give your clients enhanced customer service
  • Enable your staff to work more efficiently and improve productivity
  • Give you fast ROI by reducing off site storage costs
  • Have peace of mind, with your documents safeguarded against any disaster
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