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What can Filestream products offer an individual just starting up in business?

There couldn’t be a better time to start using Electronic Document Management than at the very beginning.  Existing companies, often hold back. What will they do with their existing records and how will they get staff members to embrace a new way of working? A brand new venture will not have to worry about either. The familiar saying ‘Start the way you mean to go on’ is so appropriate here.

Good organisation and record keeping are well known to be important for the long term success of any start-up company.

Regardless of your currently document management requirements, our product range has a clearly defined upgrade path, enabling our software to support your business at every stage.

From OfficioDM which is designed for a single PC and is downloaded for FREE, to OfficioDM Pro and our fully featured Filestream product, we have a document management solution to suit your business at every stage. It surprises many to learn that we have a lot of existing customers with fewer than 5 employees using Filestream itself.

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