Document Management for Legal Firms

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Historically solicitors have always had to work with and retain vast quantities of documents. In today’s heavily legislated environment this problem has only been made worse.

Using Filestream document management software enables legal firms to:

  • File all documents relating to a client under one umbrella – meaning all documentation,  office documents, scanned paper images, emails etc. relating to Conveyancing, Family Law, Estate Planning or Litigation issues etc. can all be stored in one place
  • Enable Partners or individuals involved to see at a glance what has been happening
  • Search on a number of criteria – including date range or ‘New Instructions’ for example
  • Set permission based access for staff members
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In the past, electronic document management has been considered only as an archiving tool. Most of our clients now use it as a live filing system, capturing information as it happens.  Imagine being away for two weeks, coming back and by selecting a very simple search, being able to see everything that has happened concerning client ABC Ltd over the period you were away.

Using a document management system from Filestream will enable you to:

  • Give your clients improved customer service
  • Enable your staff to work more efficiently and improve productivity
  • Save space and therefore money by removing storage for aged documents
  • Have peace of mind, with your documents safeguarded against any disaster

Using software specific to your own sector?  Don’t worry, with this in mind our API (Application Program Interface) tool makes it possible to integrate and link with these programs. Our advanced modules allow documents and associated information to transfer between systems using CSV / XML format.

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