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As anyone working in a manufacturing industry knows, they are bound more and more by official protocol and standards that need to be adhered to. The latest GDPR legislation will add further complexity. It is imperative that these records are kept secure and instantly available to those employees entitled to access them.

The steps involved in manufacturing any product are considerable and will involve many individual teams each with their unique part to play. Starting with the original design concept and market research, then the CAD (and now CAM) experts work to  produce the final prototypes before the actual manufacturing can begin and quality-control and distribution teams come into play.

Enabling easy sharing of information between these teams makes the whole process more efficient and in the end more profitable. Quick access to supplier documents can also make all the difference when certain queries need to be answered.

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Using Filestream document management software enables manufacturing firms to:

  • Fully encrypt and password protect information
  • Control of what users can see and do within the system – RBAC administration ensures sensitive documents will only be seen by those who have been given permission to do so
  • Have a full audit trail and revision records history – enabling you to know who performed actions on documents and when they did it
  • Automate workflows – making current manual processing of information effortless by passing it through a pre-defined set of timed tasks for action
  • Enable secure electronic signatory signoff from third parties, who do not have access to the Filestream system
  • Automatically control document retention or deletion which allows you to set dates to automatically destroy certain documents and types of information
The system can also be used in all aspects of your business, not just your core activity. It is ideal for HR, accounts, supplier and customer information.

Using a document management system from Filestream will enable you to:

  • Speed up your manufacturing output
  • Improve departmental communications enabling your staff to work more efficiently and improve productivity
  • Consolidate document storage and save space and therefore money by removing storage for aged documents
  • Have peace of mind, with your documents safeguarded against any disaster

Using software specific to your own sector? Don’t worry, with this in mind our API (Application Program Interface) tool makes it possible to integrate and link with these programs. Our advanced modules allow documents and associated information to transfer between systems using CSV / XML format.

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