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Pupil enrolment forms, annual reports, disciplinary issues, parental authorisation, medical records, exam papers and more – education providers have more documentation than all but the largest businesses, and much of it relating to vulnerable children.

The need for the utmost security, coupled with legislation that says records must be kept for a minimum of five years, means schools, colleges and universities need document storage that goes beyond the features and functions offered by standard EDMS.

The Redhill Academy Trust, Nottingham, chose File Stream as staff found it easy to use, flexible and secure. It also offered good value for money.

Jon French - Director of Operations

Fortunately, Filestream products are top of the class, and benefit educational institutions in several ways:

  • Simple-yet-comprehensive search function allows teachers to quickly and easily locate all files pertaining to individual students, or sent over certain timeframes (during school holidays, for example)
  • Full encryption ensures student records cannot be viewed by anyone not authorised to read them
  • Robust access control means departments only have access to the files and records they need – if medical records shouldn’t be read by teaching staff, you can ensure that will never happen
  • Clear folder hierarchy makes it easy to file and locate documents, no matter how many there are – some of our customers in the education sector have close to 1 million files, all neatly saved, easy to search, and safe from prying eyes
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Who’s already benefiting?

We’re working with educational institutions of all sizes, from primary schools through to leading universities. We’ve been given top marks from:

  • Coventry University, who use our products to manage their overseas students – almost 8,000 pupils, or 40% of their student body.
  • University of Hull, who manage more than 900,000 documents through Filestream and call the system “easy for staff to use, flexible, secure, simple to integrate with other systems”
  • Cardiff & Vale College, who began using the system to speed up supplier invoices, but have expanded its usage throughout other departments after seeing the benefits
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The very real risk

While better, more efficient filing is an undoubted benefit to education providers, the real advantage of Filestream’s range of EDMS is the full encryption.

A recent government survey showed 36% of primary schools, 58% of secondary schools and a staggering 75% of FE colleges reported some form of breach or cyber attack – putting children’s data in potential danger.

Any education provider using Filestream, however, can rest easy knowing that if the unthinkable happens, their students and staff are completely safe.

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