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Filestream works with a variety of educational bodies to enable them to:

  • Scan documents quickly and easily
  • Set access permissions so only relevant users can view documents
  • File documents in your digital filing cabinet
  • Use an API so that it links to other system you use in school
  • Improve communication between staff and create a more streamlined environment
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Any school or academy has always had to deal with an abundance of paperwork. In recent years this has been made worse by new legislation – not least, stipulating that all student records have to be kept for a minimum of 5 years. Our system makes this a whole lot easier. Information regarding a student including Enrolment Forms, Annual Reports, Disciplinary issues, Parental Authorities, Medical issues, course choices, Exam papers, Field Trip documents, Careers information, UCAS paperwork etc. can all be stored in one SECURE place allowing access only to those permitted.

Document Management Software becomes a very powerful tool for any educational management team. Imagine how flexible it would be for a Head Teacher or Departmental Head, returning from a period of absence, to easily search for and view any correspondence received from parents or even any disciplinary issues that had occurred during their time away. This can all be done just sitting at your desk.

The Redhill Academy Trust, Nottingham, chose File Stream as staff found it easy to use, flexible and secure. It also offered good value for money.

Jon French - Director of Operations

If your information is easily accessible:

  • You will work more effectively with external bodies such as parents, Local Authorities and your own students
  • Your staff will work more efficiently
  • You will save space and therefore money, delivering rapid ROI
  • Your documents are safeguarded against any disaster

Using software specific to your own sector? Don’t worry, our API (Application Program Interface) tool makes it possible to link these programs to our document management software. Documents and associated information can be transferred between systems using CSV / XML format.

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