Keep Your Information Safe

Keep your information safe using Filestream’s entry level OfficioDM, OfficioDM Pro and the enterprise document management system File Stream.

The big problem with telephone calls, emails, social media, the post is that they all have well known security weaknesses and have suffered from being hacked. There are occasions when personnel, financial or commercial information needs to be communicated that you may wish to add an extra layer of security. The information on your PC’s and mobile devices is under constant attack. By using OfficioDM and FIle Stream we can help.

Although common to any good Document Management system, documents are stored as 256 AES encrypted files. By simply exporting the encrypted file and sending it by your chosen method to the recipient, the secure document can then be decrypted by a password of up to 256 characters. The password being passed on from the sender to the receiver.

secure doc export

Send and receive encrypted and password protected documents between OfficioDM systems

You can now send documents between your OfficioDM systems (both single user and pro). Documents are encrypted and password protected so that they are secure while being sent.

  • Select a document from either OfficioDM Single User or OfficioDM Pro and use the Secure Export function
  • Assign a password
  • Save the document to a location on your computer
  • It is now an encrypted file and cannot be viewed outside of OfficioDM
  • Send the document via USB device or email for example
  • Import the document and enter password to view document

Send and receive encrypted and password protected documents using the Filestream Seachable Disk Module

If you are using our full enterprise solution, File Stream, you may have access to the Searchable Disk Module. This allows you to export searches within your system and export them as a standlone mini version of the software. Completely encrypted and password protected.

Other advantages of using the above systems:

  • OfficioDM is FREE and downloadable by clicking here
  • OfficioDM Pro (3 user version) is a network system with a free mobile app. More info can be found by clicking here.
  • File Stream can be obtained by contacting us
  • All documents / files are encrypted
  • All files can be indexed for immediate searching
  • The systems are easy to back up
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