ISO 27001

Filestream Ltd has been assessed and certified as meeting requirements of BS EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017
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Streamline your document filing and processing

Save time, improve workflow, reduce waste and enhance security with our leading electronic document management system

ISO 27001

Filestream Ltd has been assessed and certified as meeting requirements of BS EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017
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Improved corporate and departmental communications = better service levels


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An EDMS solution for everyone


We’ve developed a range of industry-leading EDMS solutions that deliver value to businesses of all sizes and sectors.

OfficioDM Pro is a network solution for between 3 and 15 users. It offers all the reliability, flexibility and efficiency of OfficioDM, but with an expanded capacity of 1.5 million documents and a FREE mobile app.

File Stream 4 – our flagship product – has a virtually limitless capacity for documents and number of users. Automation for processing greater numbers of documents together with features such as Workflow, Advanced OCR, Document Retention and more elevate this over all other EDMS currently available.

File Stream 5 – this is our cutting-edge SaaS Cloud Solution, offering a zero-footprint application across both Apple and windows operating systems. Security is assured with AES 256 encryption. Its multi-language capability and Office 365 integration makes it the ideal choice for businesses everywhere.

Experience the Benefits

Filestream’s customer-focussed products are developed by an expert team who have been helping businesses improve their document management processes for more than 30 years.

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Adherence to GDPR Compliance

Get peace of mind knowing your document management adheres to GDPR regulations - protecting you from the risk of data breaches and making data handling requests simpler, faster and cheaper than ever.
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Secure Software (Including Encryption)

Store your documents and data with 100% security thanks to full encryption using 256 AES algorithms. Your files are ready to be accessed anywhere in the world by those who should be – while keeping out those who shouldn’t.

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Disaster Recovery

Never worry about losing important documents again with our robust, easy-to-use file restoration feature. They say “Lose your records and you lose your business” - there’s no risk of that with Filestream on your side.
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Integration to Existing Systems (Including Accounts)

Our software works out of the box with a wide range of third-party applications, including document signing and scanning. And our API tool means other integrations are possible, making your document filing easier than ever before.
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Document processing capabilities (Including Workflow)

Workflows are vital in document management, assisting your team in a range of every day tasks such as invoicing or drawing approvals. With unlimited workflows available, Filestream’s products can make life easier for everyone in your organisation.
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Complete Scalability

With a range of products available for companies of all sizes, Filestream’s market-leading EDMS will scale as your business grows and your needs change. Whatever your size or industry, we have a solution for you.

Lease Calculator

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Ready to embrace the leading EDMS but not sure how you’ll fund the project? Don’t worry – our lease calculator will show you how affordable and stress-free it is to join the Filestream family.

Client Successes

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Businesses of all sizes and across multiple industries have benefited from improved processes, better departmental communication and enhanced document security by choosing Filestream solution. See how others like you have found success.


“With over 500 employees and 13,000 students, we were desperate to find an affordable electronic document archiving system. File Stream has met all of our requirements and more.”

David Newman - Learning Technology & Network Manager, Cardiff & Vale College

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